What is the equivalent of a post-doc in other countries?

So, if you’ve decided that you really did love doing your PhD, and want to carry on doing research, there are pretty much two options open to you.

Option one: you are included in new grant application either with your PhD supervisor or a new research group.

Option two: you get on every mailing list you can, and scour university vacancy pages for an exciting advert.

In ecology and conservation, there are going to be a lot of interesting positions in other countries. However, its not necessarily clear what level these positions refer to, and unless you happen to know someone who has navigated the system in that country, it can be tricky to find out. I don’t remember having the UK academic career system formally explained to me at any point in my PhD, let alone the system of another country.

I just came across the European University Institute webpages, and they have a brilliant break down of the academic career paths in a wide number of different countries. Seems to me that this is a key resource for navigating job adverts in a field where people are generally very mobile and keen to work all over the world. I thought it was well worth highlighting. Enjoy.



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