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Recently I’ve been asking lots of friends what they know about riparian zone legislation in their own countries. This lead to a conversation with Rob St. John (one of the many people it was brilliant to meet through my MSc course) about why I’m interested in riparian legislation, and he’s done a great job of publishing my response on the Biofresh blog.  The Biofresh platform aims to provide a global database on freshwater systems and is compiling hydrological data and ecological data for a wide range of taxa. The Biofresh blog covers a range of issues related to the biofresh platform and the people making it happen.

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Biofresh is part of the MARS project (Managing Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Resources) – a pan-european effort to improve our understanding of what we are doing to our waterways.  Looks like some really great work studies will come out of these projects over the next few years.

Rob has also done some really beautiful work exploring the freshwater habitats of Edinburgh, and the diversity of sights and sounds they create, through the project WaterofLife. I thoroughly recommend taking a look. It is a really unique and memorable way to engage with urban freshwater systems.

You can read my piece on the biofresh blog here: