ReDiscover – thanks to everyone involved


Following a vast amount of work from all of the Rewilding Sussex team, our friends and superb collaborators, we have now come to the end of a very very successful show at ONCA.  We thought we would share some of the highlights with you here! And don’t worry, if you missed it, we are going to be producing a short publication with all the best bits of the show and the workshops, on its way to you soon!


ONCA gallery, opening night (photo: Lianne A Williams)

_DSC7615  IMG_1155

Blockbuilders oculus rift takes visitors into a virtual rewilded Brighton (photos: Lianne A Williams, Claudia Gray)


Seed-dispersing frisbees, part of a new Wild Games – a tournament that, through being played, can rewild and restore abandoned land (Photo: Claudia Gray)


Trash Fox Sculpture highlights the role foxes play in recycling our waste. Pine marten and Squirrel head pieces from the Wild Games, designed to…

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